It’s a fantastic sunny day and the wind blows out the cobwebs of the night before. The purpose of this early rise is twofold. One – to meet my old mate Simon before his Wife gives birth to their first kid meaning he has lost his weekends for the next 18 years and two months to meet Jamie Wilkins who is racing at Mallory Park. (Check out his blog). As you will be aware we sponsor Mr. Wilkins and a perk for me is free tickets to the racing BRILLIANT!!!

We take the cross country route across to Mallory Park  some fantastic roads. Simon is on his mint Fazer 1000 which handles really well round the twisties and the sun shine makes the hour or so ride superb! My GSX1400 is all good but a little quiet after the standard cans have been put back on for the MOT.

We get to Mallory. This is my first time here and straight away I realise this is a super friendly place and the security even let us in late with our freebie tickets – top chaps.  Mallory is great – from up on the hill you can pretty much see the entire track.

I will not repeat the racing from Jamie’s point of view as it’s on his blog! We meet up gets some photos of his awesome looking bike and then leave him to it prepping for the afternoon race. I may have indulged in a burger (why am I this shape?) and we lie out in the sun watching the racing! Fantastic day!

After the racing we blast back across to Leamington Spa where Mr Q lives and then meet his cousin and Wife for dinner! I eventually get home at about 12pm after blatting back down the M1. A perfect Sunday me thinks!

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