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Latest news

Tie a knot in a hankie, set all your alarms, and put a Post-It on the dog because the first round of ThundersportGB will be shown on MotorsTV (Sky413) on Monday March 30th at 7pm. Every class delivered really exciting racing, so don’t miss it.

Also, just confirmed today, PLJ Photo will be supplying their exceptional images all season. The first load will be appearing in the Gallery section of this site in the next week. They’ll be available to sponsors, supporters, and media too.

Next item on the agenda? My local paper, The Wiltshire Times, will be covering my race season, and the first report is on the back page of this weekend’s edition and also on the website ( The paper sells more copies than several UK bike mags, so I really appreciate this valuable support.

Finally, round two at Cadwell Park is rushing up and I can’t wait. I have a feeling that the S&B Auto Academy Aprilia Tuono, on fresh Dunlop D211GPs this time, will be very good there.

Best wishes.

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