Exciting race and a win!

Exciting race and a win!

Sunday’s first race was adrenalin fuelled even before it began. It took a couple of goes to bump start the bike, and then I got stuck between a load of caravans in the jammed paddock on the way to the grid! You really couldn’t make it up.

This time I got a flying start and led the opening lap. Michael Price’s ballistic Supersport Triumph (Supertwin class) flew by across the line and I settled in behind. Just when I thought I had the race under control, a near highside at Edwina’s allowed Lee Reveley’s Supertwin Ducati 1098 to get by. Even though he’s in a different class I was determined to fight back. This race is on TV after all!

I planned and executed an outbraking pass into Edwina’s, kept my head down and held the place to the line for another Streetfighter class win. I got interviewed for the telly and everything.

The firm plan is to get another class win this afternoon which should give me the points lead overall and finally make up for the daft crash yesterday.

Wish me luck!

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