from a freezing despatch rider in the 1980’s to a toasty high mileage rider now I have sorted out a few ways of staying warm. For my feet I have a pair of Nevis waterproof motorcycle boots, 1/2 a size to big so my ski socks don’t get crushed. My next layer is winter cycling tights. I may look like a numpty but at least I am a warm numpty. A thermal long sleeved vest and a snow boarding mid layer go on net. Then the magic heated waistcoat from Exo 2 – a brilliant bit of kit. Over the top goes my hein Gericke mid range 2 piece – zipped together to keep out drafts, my neck warmer and winter gloves. I have ridden with ice forming on my visor and stayed warm and alert in this get up. BMW hot grips are good, but given the choice between hotgrips and the Exo 2 jacket, I’ll hae the heated jacket. All my lawyers who ride in the cold (thats all of them) have got the same Exo 2 jackets. The Nevis boots are so far totally waterproof, and okay to walk in.