‘Blade update

Howdy all,

I hope everyone survived the snow in February okay. As you may all know I decided to splash out a an ’08 Fireblade last year. Everthing was going swimmingly for the first 150 miles or so but then the tyres suddenly seemed to go off, especially when going into a right-hander, which resulted in a tendency for the front to try and tuck under. The OE tyres were Dunlop RRs (or at least the Japanese version of these normally pretty good tyres). I persevered up until the first service, at just after 600 nerve wracking miles, but things were just the same and in the end I gave up and have just splashed out on a new set of Bridgestone BT015Rs. Early days yet but the difference is absolutely mind bending.

Has anyone else out there suffered similar problems with their OE tyres on their ‘Blades?? If so I would be very interested├é┬áto hear back from you with your stories.

Happy riding.

Posted by Andrew Prendergast. Posted on: March 3, 2009 at 12:00 am

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