It was a good weekend, and was great to meet so many of our clients, both current and past.  It’s always interesting to find out how many bikers still do not know about our specialist practice … and conversely how many faithful followers of our CCM give-away that we have.

Hopefully those of you looking for a bargain found it. I personally had one of my dreams shattered! Having lusted after an F4 for some time now, I finally was able to sit on one, courtesy of the boys from MotoGB Ltd… and although fitting the bike like a glove, discovered that I was barely able (and I really mean only just managed momentarily) to lift the bike off its sidestand!!! Now, I’m no weakling, but I was rather embarrassed at this until I went home, looked up the specs, and discovered the difference between the F4 and my 675 Daytona is two thirds of my body weight – I didn’t feel quite so bad after that!

Oh well … I’ll go back to the original plan for the time being – enjoy a year or two of the 675, then trade it in for a beautiful girly pearly white 848 🙂

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