Insurance Faker

I was knocked off my motorcycle by a driver who is a well known local scrote. I personally believe he’s a drug dealer, I don’t think he’s passed his driving test, and I’ll be amazed if he had insurance. The police knew him by name when they showed up at the scene and asked him to produce his documents.

I’ve heard on the local grapevine that he managed to produce a policy of insurance and a provisional licence, but now my solicitors tell me that he didn’t have any insurance. They’re dealing with the case through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, so there’s no problem there.

However, they told me he got away with driving without insurance, because he produced an insurance document. Will this idiot get nicked, because I do want to make him suffer at least as much as I can?

Name and address withheld


Your local neighbourhood drug dealer has committed several road traffic offences, including an offence under section 173 (1A) of the Road TrafficAct, for the use of a document with intent to deceive.

Secondly, there is a rather more serious offence which is triable at the Crown Court under the Theft Act which is the dishonest use of a false document for monetary advantage. I would take your complaint back up with the police, as this offence still counts six calendar months after the incident

Andrew Dalton

Posted by Andrew Prendergast. Posted on: June 26, 2007 at 12:00 am

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