Don’t ride a bike unfit for road use

Don’t ride a bike unfit for road use

Your bike must be roadworthy to MoT standard. Defects to tyres, brakes, steering etc, all carry a three point penalty if the cops spot something wrong.

And remember, they might not have looked too closely at your bike when pulling you, but if you’ve wound them up with some attitude, they’ll be reaching for the tooth-comb (the fine one) just to find something wrong so they can have you.

They can also legally take your bike and impound it. As well as around £30-a-day-storage you’ll pay upwards of £100 to get it back.

COPS & NOBBERS PART II – Courting Disaster
Superbike Magazine – November 2006
By: Bertie Simmonds

Disclaimer: This article is reproduced from Superbike Magazine – It’s views do not represent White Dalton’s

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