50 limits will be littered with cameras as they could well be an accident black spot, so be warned. 60mph B-roads are where we have our fun, on Motorways if you do more than 30 over the limit, you can expect a ban. As a rule of thumb the Association of Chief of Police Officers regularly put out guidelines, which change often and are the subject of many arguments on the various police websites. But it should give you an idea of what you will face. The maximum fine you could expect is around £1000.

Banned to rights

Bans are not a dead cert, and we have all heard of footballers especially getting off on technical grounds. A guy called Nick Freeman (aka Mr Loophole) is your man here and has got many a celeb off a driving charge. These cases hit the headlines because the press are interested but every day skilled advocates succeed in getting long bans made into short bans or points.

Even if you fight the case and lose you still get to put forward ‘exceptional hardship’ arguments, but according to Andrew Dalton this is where ‘DIY’ lawyers go badly wrong, “Losing your license may be dreadful for you but it is a punishment, losing your job and your house are part of that punishment. To get a ban reduced to points you need to show others will have exceptional hardship, your family, your employers or people who genuinely rely on your ability to drive and ride. If it is tough for you the magistrates should punish accordingly and rarely take into account that losing your license may destroy your life. Going it alone is dangerous in these circumstances.”

COPS & NOBBERS PART II – Courting Disaster
Superbike Magazine – November 2006
By: Bertie Simmonds

Disclaimer: This article is reproduced from Superbike Magazine – It’s views do not represent White Dalton’s