Untraced or uninsured driver

If you are the victim of an accident with a hit-and-run driver, a vehicle that can’t be traced or an uninsured third party you can still bring a claim.

This is submitted to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), an independent organisation created by the insurance industry to cooperate with the Government in compensating the victims of negligent uninsured or untraced motorists.

If the other driver was uninsured you can claim for all losses, as thought they were insured. The case will proceed exactly the same as if the other driver had insurance at the time of the accident, subject to a £300 property excess.

If the other driver cannot be traced, whether because they failed to stop or they dropped something on the highway earlier that caused your accident, you can still claim for your injury and in some circumstances property damage as well. The MIB will deduct a £300 “excess” from all compensation claims, similar to a fully comprehensive insurance policy.  Both schemes have technical requirements which, if breached, can cause a good claim to fail. Most importantly, you must report an accident involving an un-traced driver to the police as soon as possible.

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