Speeding offences are often technical ones involving issues over calibration and use of speed cameras. The prosecution have to prove who was driving the vehicle and the fact that it was travelling above the speed limit.

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Unless you are stopped at the time or involved in an accident, you must be warned within 14 days of the offence that you are going to be prosecuted. The warning is usually given by a Notice of Intended Prosecution (‘NIP’). The prosecution must also identify that you were the driver and show that the equipment was working correctly.

If you are caught speeding the maximum fine is up to £1,000.00 on a normal road and £2,500 if you were on a motorway. Where convicted you will either receive points on your licence (three to six) or be disqualified unless there are “special reasons”, such as having to drive someone to hospital in an emergency where it was not reasonable to wait for an ambulance.

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