Solicitors Negligence Claim

Has your motorcycle accident claim gone drastically wrong? Do you think the solicitor that was running your case under settled your claim? Did the solicitor miss a court deadline or even get your case struck out of court?

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors do not use or employ unqualified paralegals. If you think your case was or is being dealt with incompetently by somebody not up to the job, and has reduced the value of your claim, then call us.

We specialise in taking over cases from insurance appointed paralegals or suing their firms when their unqualified staff mess things up and, believe us, they do mess things up quite often.

Why choose White Dalton?

  • We only deal with motorcycle personal injury claims;
  • We are a top tier firm in Chambers and Partners
  • We offer “no win no fee”
  • We work closely with the top professional negligence barristers
  • We know how a motorcycle case should be run, and where inexpert solicitors or paralegals get it wrong or completely miss substantial areas of claim
  • Our senior partner Andrew Dalton is “A leader in his field” in Chambers and Partners in the field of motorcycle litigation
  • Even if the firm you have used has gone bust or been taken over we can still go after the insurers for your old firm
  • If you think there has been active dishonesty or fraud by your solicitors we can still act.
  • 1000s of satisfied and happy clients
  • We regularly take motorcycle claims over from other solicitors, especially the “recommended” ones from your insurers.

How do I sue my solicitor?

The early days of a solicitors negligence case are governed by a “pre-action protocol”. Your former solicitors have 21 days to acknowledge our letter of claim, where we set out where they went wrong, and why it was negligent. They then have three months to investigate and answer fully. We will often be able to obtain your former solicitors file. We will advise you of two basic things;

  • Was the solicitor/paralegal negligent?
  • If so what has it cost you?

The courts allow a six month period to see if the party can conclude the matter and thereafter you are free to take the matter up in court.

Solicitors negligence and poor service

There is a difference between a solicitor acting negligently and a solicitor providing poor service and the two are handled differently. Poor or inadequate service may include the running of a case where there have been delays.

Generally speaking this is fairly clear cut and amounts to poor service but delay, for example missing a court deadline, can lead to very significant material financial losses in your claim.

When poor service has been received from a solicitor, you are generally advised to approach the Legal Ombudsman who have the power to obtain compensation for inadequate service from a solicitor. If negligence on the part of the solicitor has caused greater financial losses then you would be well advised to talk to one of our motorcycle solicitors to explore the option of suing your previous solicitor.

Our solicitors will provide guidance, on liability and losses and assess the likely merits of your negligence claim and also discuss how to fund your claim, from “No win, no fee” to private funding.

Your Funding Options

You have a number of options. Most clients go for the “no win no fee” which is best for most people unless you have “pre-existing legal cover”, which is usually on your household insurance policy. You are unlikely to have it on your motorbike legal expenses insurance policy, not least because the legal expenses insurers are the people who receive referral fees for passing on cases, or quite often own the law firm that represented you.

For some cases, private funding (ie pay as you go) is an option, but this would be unusual. If you have a very large and very clear cut claim, this could work for you. You can fund your own case through interim payments if the case is very clear.

Legal aid is not available for non clinical professional negligence claims. We do not offer it. The criteria is set out in the community services website.

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