My solicitors bill is higher than originally estimated, can I challenge it?

If you feel that the bill you have received from your solicitor is far greater than what was originally quoted or estimated then you can challenge their bill.

An estimate of the likely costs of providing professional services to you should be fairly accurate. However sometimes a solicitor may provide poor advice on the likely costs or provide negligent legal advice about the prospects of your case.

For example, a solicitor may initially have explained to you that your case was strong and would likely cost you £15,000 to handle the case, but then halfway through the costs changes to £75,000. As a result you as the client may not be able to afford the increased costs and have to withdraw your case with the possibility of incurring substantial costs.

You may be able to pursue a claim for professional negligence on the part of the solicitor if it can be shown that the estimate of costs they initially gave you could be considered negligent or that they failed to inform you of the increase in costs.

If you are looking to dispute the bill from your solicitors or would like to pursue a claim for solicitors negligence please contact us on 0800 783 6191.

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