My solicitor has charged me too much, what can I do?

If you want to dispute the amount of the final bill your solicitor has given you there are specific time limits to challenging your legal charges.

The process involved when seeking a reduction or refund on the legal fees charged is as follows:

Speak to your solicitor first

Contact your solicitor and query the fees. Ask for a breakdown of how they were calculated and why you have been charged that amount.

If you still feel your solicitor has incorrectly charged you or misled you about their fees, make an official complaint to the law firm you were using. All firms must publish their complaints procedure.

Making a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman

If after making a complaint there is still no satisfactory outcome, contact the Legal Ombudsman, an independent organisation that deals with law firms. If they agree you have been wrongly charged they can make the law firm either reduce or refund your legal fees.

Ask a court to examine your solicitors bill

If the above steps fail, you can ask a court to examine the legal bill. Be warned that this may incur further costs for you so you should get legal advice before going down this route.

If you are looking to dispute the bill from your solicitors or would like to pursue a claim for solicitors negligence please contact us on 0800 783 6191

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