Defective or bald tyres

This can carry a fixed penalty of £100.00 and three points, but if you go in front of a magistrates court you can be fined up to £2,500.00 and can be disqualified.

Defective tyres can mean anything from having unsuitable tyres (for example racing slicks or knobblies), a cross ply and radial mix, a tyre under inflated so that it is dangerous or a break in the tyre (look out for this especially if you get your bike out after it’s been through the winter). Also unsuitable is any tyre where ply or cord is showing or the grooves in your tread pattern of the tyre do not have the depth of at least 1mm throughout the continuous band of three quarters of the width of the tyre.

If you have a dodgy front tyre and a dodgy back tyre that is treated as two offences and you can receive a fine and points for each.

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