Poor Service Provided

If you pay for a service (such as a mechanical repair, or having leathers tailor-made) then this service should meet certain standards, and if they aren’t met, then you may be entitled to claim.

The service should be carried out:

    • With reasonable care and skill
      i.e. to a proper standard of workmanship
    • Within a reasonable timeThis is even if you haven’t agreed a specific time with the supplier. What is considered to be a reasonable time will depend upon all the circumstances. The exception to this is when the delay is due to circumstances outside the supplier’s control.
    • At a reasonable charge, if you haven’t agreed the price first
      A reasonable charge would be similar to what other tradesmen in your local area are charging for the same work. If you agreed the price beforehand, or the method for calculating the price you were going to have to pay, then you can’t complain later that it was unreasonable.

Estimates: It may only be possible to obtain an estimate for the costs of the service. The final price may therefore vary from the estimate you are given, but it should still be reasonable.

Quotations: If you are given a quotation or a fixed price is agreed, this is binding, and cannot be changed without your consent.

What if I don’t want to pay?
If the tradesperson has some of your property, they may be entitled to keep this if you refuse to pay. Therefore it may be better to pay the price, letting them know that you are “paying under protest”, and that you will be taking action against them.

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