Personal Injury Solicitor Negligence

Personal injury claims, especially those involving motorcycle accidents, can present many challenges to a solicitor and often involve difficult and stressful matters. Most of the time solicitors and their clients have a good relationship and achieve satisfactory results.

You may feel that the solicitor providing representation for your motorcycle accident claim has not given you the correct advice, under settled or prematurely settled your claim without investigating the full extent of your injuries

White Dalton’s professional negligence solicitors provide an experienced, proactive and sensitive service for motorcyclists who want to take legal action against, or sue their negligent personal injury solicitors.

My solicitor settled my claim in four weeks, but my injuries have gotten worse. Can I reopen my case and make a claim for more money?

Imagine this scenario, you’re involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained several injuries. You went with the solicitor your insurer recommended to you and your case was handled very quickly, concluding in an inadequate sum of compensation for your injuries. However since settling your claim, the injuries have developed and you now have to pay for an operation and the compensation you originally received has run out.

In a nutshell, no, you can’t reopen an already settled case.

Can I sue my solicitor for professional negligence?

What you can do is sue the solicitor who handled your case for professional negligence. They might have missed crucial medical information about your injuries or put undue pressure on you to settle too early, without making you aware of the full effects of your injuries and therefore breaching their duty of care towards you by not properly advising you on the risks of settling. All too often insurers are eager to settle cases early due to their own motives and business targets, not your needs as an injured motorcyclist.

Are there any time limits on suing for professional negligence?

There are strict time limits imposed on bringing a professional negligence claim against the solicitors who mishandled your motorcycle accident so you need to contact us as early as possible. One of our professional and fully trained solicitors will fully advise you of the steps to bring a professional negligence claim against your personal injury solicitor.

I think my personal injury claim was under valued, is there anything I can do?

At White Dalton all our solicitors are specialist personal injury lawyers and will be best placed to advise you on how much your claim should have been worth and what points your original solicitor may have missed. Making a claim against your previous solicitor can be complex and difficult so you need to make sure you have the right team of experienced solicitors on your side.

Once the true picture is established of how your injuries had been undervalued through a thorough investigation of the file and correspondence it must also be remembered that you may not be able to claim for the full amount of compensation for the injuries you sustained. Instead you can claim for what is called “lost chance”.

What are the warning signs that your personal injury claim may have been under settled?

All too often we take over claims from other solicitors where the injured motorcyclists either feels that the person dealing with their case hasn’t got their best interests at heart or is inexperienced, perhaps even a trainee. This will affect your claim in so far as you may eventually receive the incorrect amount of compensation for your injuries.

How do I know if my personal injury solicitor has been negligent?

There are some tell-tale signs that your motorcycle accident claim is not being properly handled, these can include:

  • Not having enough compensation to fund your recovery expenses
  • New injuries developing from the original accident injuries
  • After the claim had settled, your injury wasn’t healing in the expected timeframe
  • Your claim settled in a very short space of time (a few weeks to months). The amount of time a claim takes depends on the severity of your injuries

I have received poor service from my solicitor, can I sue them?

Poor service is different from negligence. Generally speaking if you feel that you have received poor service from your solicitor, you should first contact your solicitor directly. If that fails then the Legal Ombudsman have the authority to obtain compensation for inadequate service received from a solicitor.

Some examples of poor service include:

  • Treating you unfairly
  • Not providing for any special access requirements that you may have
  • Not providing enough information to you so that you can choose the correct service
  • Not explaining how your problem will be handled and the options available
  • Providing inadequate information about the likely costs involved
  • Failing to keep you updated of progress and changes
  • Not informing you about your right to complain and how to make a complaint

How to start a personal injury solicitor negligence claim

If you’ve had a motorcycle accident, sustained injuries and think that the solicitor that handled your case either under settled or under valued your claim for compensation or acted negligently then contact us on 0800 783 6191 to discuss your case with one of our specialist motorcycle personal injury negligence solicitors.

Reasons to use White Dalton for your solicitors negligence claim

  • We only deal with motorcycle personal injury claims;
  • We offer “no win no fee”
  • We work closely with the top professional negligence barristers
  • We know how a motorcycle case should be run, and where inexpert Solicitors or paralegals get it wrong or completely miss substantial areas of claim
  • Even if the firm you have used has gone bust or been taken over we can still go after the insurers for your old firm
  • If you think there has been active dishonesty or fraud by your solicitors we can still act.

We regularly take motorcycle claims over from other solicitors, especially the “recommended” ones from your insurers.

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