Legal expenses insurance will normally cover you against having to pay the legal costs of pursuing a case.

This can be full cover – they cover everything – or adverse cover – they will not pay your own solicitor’s costs and require the solicitor to act under a no win no fee agreement (conditional fee agreement).

You may have a policy prior to the accident or take one out afterwards. However, a lot of these policies are just a device to get your claim to your insurers pet solicitors – and you really do need to be sure you are getting a properly skilled and qualified solicitor to deal with your case. A “paralegal” or a “litigation executive” is completely unqualified.

Pre-existing Motorcycle Legal Insurance

Where you have a policy of motorcycle legal expenses insurance at the time of your accident they will probably appoint a paralegal for you. Unfortunately, you will be taking pot luck on the firm you get. For a lot of them the only concern is settling the case so that they can be paid.

If the case is tough some legal expenses insurers are quite likely to withdraw cover. They are happy to take your money, but do not want to risk having to pay out on the policy. Often the rejection of the case will be on the advice of your solicitor. Do not be fooled by this. Just because they are not prepared to back your case does not mean you have no case. This is especially so where the “solicitor” is an employee of a firm which the insurers also own. It is not illegal – but whether it is ethical is a matter of judgment. We regularly take over and deliver successful claims where the legal expenses insurer’s solicitor has said there is no case.

After-the-event Motorcycle Legal Insurance

If you do not already have a policy then, as long as you have reasonable prospects, one can be obtained for you. We usually fund these premiums. We offer a no-obligation initial consultation. If it goes no further there is no charge. Call us to speak to the real experts on 0800 783 6191

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