Highway spills

If you can prove your accident occurred as a result of a spill on the highway you can bring a claim.

It would be for the party responsible to then show that they took all reasonable precautions to ensure that the spillage would not occur (which is very difficult if it did occur). We have successfully dealt with many claims including diesel, anti freeze, blood from a slaughterhouse wagon, lumps of coke, bricks, gravel from skip lorries, furniture polish, dropped number plates, water escaping from leaking drains and frozen water from people washing their cars.

A lot of other solicitors tend to not want to deal with this type of claim because it is out of the ordinary and insurers are unlikely to concede liability early. Even if you paid for that legal expenses insurance on your policy you are likely to find that most legal expenses insurance policies exclude accidents that do not involve another vehicle.

A lot of non-specialist solicitors will tell you that if you come off on diesel or other debris on the road there is nothing that you can do. They are wrong. If you have been involved in such an accident then call us for free no-obligation advice on 0800 783 6191.

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