These can range from a broken toe (which starts around £3,300) to a crush fracture leading to amputation of a limb (£55,000+).

Simple fractures will resolve over a limited period of time, whereas more complicated fractures can give rise to extensive medical treatment (often not available on the NHS without a long wait).

More serious fractures can lead to shortening of a limb and a limb-lengthening procedure (which is very painful). Crush fractures can lead to severe internal damage and amputation. Fractures involving joints can also lead to early onset of arthritis and the need to fuse the joint in the future.

What to look for

There are different types and grades of fracture, with the bone being broken either completely or partially. Fractures where the bone sticks out of the skin are known as compound or open fractures and are pretty obvious. However simple fractures where the bone is not split can be harder to diagnose. Also fractures to the ribs are rarely checked or x-rayed due to the fact that there is little that can be done other than to leave them to heal with time. Most fractures may be associated with bruising and very simple fractures are easy to confuse with soft tissue injuries.

Motorcycle accidents often result in multiple fractures to the same limb, known as comminuted fractures, or crush fractures. These can have a much more serious long-term effect and in severe cases can lead to amputation.

The matter is further complicated where the fractures extend all the way down a limb, such as the arm, wrist, hand and fingers or the thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle and foot. Where there are multiple fractures it is not a simple question of adding up the award for each injury as there is overlap between the injuries themselves. In short, if you break the same leg in two places the effect on you may be the same as only breaking it in one (i.e. you cannot walk!).

Fractures to the spine are the most serious and are looked at within catastrophic injuries.

How much?

Example guideline awards for fractures are as follows:

1Fractured clavicle£3,000 to £7,125
2Smashed pelvis£22,650 to £76,350
3Simple fracture to the forearm£3,800 to £11,200
4Colles fracture to the wristc. £4,300
5Leg fracture with incomplete recovery£10,500 to £16,300


Medical issues are not simple and there can be a wide range in the appropriate amount of award for an injury. Added to this are the ramifications that such an injury can have on your life and the life of your family. Believe us when we say insurance companies will not beat a path to your door trying to help you and paying you as much money as possible. You need someone out there fighting for you.

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