Defective kit

You have no real grounds for complaint if you

  • were told about the fault before you bought the item;
  • examined the item when you bought it and should have spotted the defect;
  • caused the damage yourself;
  • made a mistake; or
  • changed your mind.

I bought the wrong one

We might be good, but even we can’t argue that a motorcycle wasn’t fit for its purpose because it didn’t match your helmet or that you should have a refund because you underestimated your beer gut on buying a new race suit and couldn’t do the zip up when you got home. As long as you were given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the item then it is your responsibility to buy the right one.

Where the problem has arisen as a result of your mistake or the fact you have changed your mind, refunds or replacements are purely up to the goodwill of your particular dealer, and they are entitled (given that they don’t have to do anything) to offer you a credit note instead.

Avoid these sorts of problems before they arise by making a list of exactly what you want before you spend a lot of money on something. Decide how much you can afford, taking into account insurance, MOT, road tax, petrol, repairs, servicing, new tyres, and the costs of taking out any loan, including repayments and protection insurance. Shop around, read the price guides and consumer reviews (the internet is a very honest place sometimes!), ask for a test ride. If you’re shopping for your first motorcycle, take an experienced biker with you.

If you’re buying kit, ask to try it on, and remember that you won’t be stood upright when you’re on a motorbike (or at least, ahem, we’re not going to advocate that sort of behaviour here…) so check that it would fit correctly and comfortably when you’re sat on a bike. Sounds obvious? You’d be surprised.

If you were fitted for your item before you bought it and you subsequently find you were given the wrong size, or your leathers were tailor-made and they wouldn’t fit your little finger, you may have a claim and should give us a call to discuss it on 0800 783 6191.

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