Brain injury

The firm’s Senior Partner, Andrew Dalton, is the in-house specialist on head injuries.

His practice varies from the totally disabling to quite subtle head injuries, including apparently minor behavioural changes that follow head trauma.

As a firm we are very alert to head injuries and have achieved settlements in excess of £1,000,000 for brain injury which previous solicitors had not even noted. Andrew’s interest and passion for helping head injured motorcyclists is a very personal one. A close relative of his suffered serious head injury in a road accident. Living under the same roof as a seriously brain injured relative has given him a very special insight as to how head injuries affect families.

Andrew is the trustee for a number of brain injured clients. As part of the total care position that we provide to the families, carers and survivors of brain injury we can organise and supervise sophisticated trusts and investment regimes that maximise state benefits and tax avoidance, so that the compensation paid works as hard as possible to give the best returns as safely as is possible.

We are very careful to respect the confidentiality of the awards our clients achieve. Whilst it might be great publicity for us as solicitors, we would rather awards were kept as quiet as possible to avoid our clients being targeted by con-artists and “old friends” who want a share of the money.

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