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Does having a Personal Injury Trust mean that I can’t get my money easily?

No. Your money is extremely easy to obtain. The money is yours! Your trustees have to act in your best interests, so if you ask for money, the trustees will need to understand why so they can ensure that it is being used for your benefit.

If you are an adult of sound mind then there is very little your trustees can do to disagree with you, but if that should happen, you have the power to remove a trustee and replace them with someone else. Likewise if at any time you want to bring the trust arrangement to an end, you will have the power to write to the trustees and ask that the trust be closed. The trustees have to abide by your wishes and will pay the money in accordance with your instructions.

There are higher duties on trustees dealing with adults who are Protected Persons and children. If this affects you your solicitor is likely to have discussed this with you before you received a leaflet with information about a trust. Depending on your circumstances a more complex trust where the trustees have a lot more powers to protect you or your family member or relative may be suggested.

How easy your money is to obtain will depend on the investment choices, if any, you make for your money. If you are likely to regularly need money quickly, then you may wish to discuss having some instant access investments or accounts with your financial advisor.

The rules are simple. How they apply is not. For expert help call us on 0800 783 6191

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