White Dalton Testimonials 2012

Are you thinking of using White Dalton for your compensation claim? Read the many reviews and previous knowledge from motorcyclists that have used us before.

We always ask our clients for feedback and are happy to share this information. Here are some of the many comments our clients have made about our service to them.

Excellent This has been my second time using WDMS and again the standard of professional service was excellent. Mr Dey is a credit to your firm and I am happy to recommend him to any motorcyclist.

Reviewed by Ian on December 31.

Very good Andrew is down to earth, realistic and doesn't tell you what you want to hear. Has a good understanding how broken people feel and always has his clients best interests at heart.

Reviewed by Peter on December 18.

Competent and good advice It was dealt with efficiently and promptly

Reviewed by Alladeen on December 3.

The best! Always a pleasure to deal with White Dalton. We got the right result, so excellent

Reviewed by OYB on December 3.

First Rate Professional, exemplary, without fault, excellent. Clare Franklin is a great asset to the company. Clear, concise helpful informed.

Reviewed by Jordan on November 28.

Excellent Felt very confident all the way through with how everything was run.

Reviewed by Jordan on November 26.

Fantastic Good communication throughout and very pleased with the service. Thank you Martyn!.

Reviewed by Asha on November 24.

Very efficient Very helpful, excellent communication throughout the process and kept up-to-date with what was happening at all times. I would like to thank you for all your help and the quick and painless way in which you dealt with my claim. I feel that it was a very smooth process.

Reviewed by David on November 6.

Excellent, First class service Professional, outstanding service by all who dealt with the case

Reviewed by Leigh on November 5.

Brilliant!! Jo was a star, she held my hand throughout the whole process, dealt with all my questions promptly and made me feel that she was there for me.

Reviewed by Paul on October 30.

Friendly, helpful and prompt I felt as though the team was very efficient and always on top of things. One step ahead of me! Excellent, thanks so much

Reviewed by Sophia on October 30.

Thank you very much The service I have received from you and from Paul and indeed from all your staff has been of the very highest level and I am extremely grateful for the way you have dealt with everything.

Reviewed by Gerry on October 18.

Very good Very professional, everything was explained clearly.

Accident October 2009 Reviewed by Gerard on October 16.

Excellent service [Dealt with] Professionally and effective.

Accident October 2011 Reviewed by Colin on September 19.

Focused and attentive at all times Excellent individual attention. The fact that WD are 'motorcycle' solicitors instilled great confidence. There was consistent understanding and appreciation of the motorcyclists experience/situation.

Accident August 2011 Reviewed by Michael on September 13.

Superior to others Handled well by White Dalton.

Accident May 2008 Reviewed by Geoffrey on August 24.

An efficient service I would recommend your service. I am happy this matter has been dealt with properly and now put to rest.

Accident December 2010 Reviewed by Efe on August 24.

Was great

Accident January 2009 Reviewed by Cameron on August 8.

Excellent Very professional

Accident December 2011 Reviewed by James on August 6.

Dealt with professionally in a competent manner I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and hard work. I have already recommended your firm to a friend who, I am sure, will receive an excellent service just like I did.

Accident October 2011 Reviewed by Isolde on July 30.

Overall I am very happy with White Dalton and the whole team who dealt with my case. I would use the team again also I would happliy recommend you.

Accident May 2008 Reviewed by Toby on July 23.

Excellent from start to finish After making the decision to move to White Dalton after my insurance company instructed another solicitor, I could not have made a better decision. Andrew Prendergast I cannot praise enough. Thank You..

Accident September 2008 Reviewed by Andrew on July 3.

100% Better Very good and efficiently dealt with.

Accident October 2008 Reviewed by Daniel on June 29.

Very professional I was kept informed and the case was dealt with smoothly.

Accident September 2011 Reviewed by Michal on June 28.

Exemplary Superb, extremely enthusiastic & professional. You are the best by far.

Accident March 2010 Reviewed by Gabriel on June 19.

Excellent Well handled

Accident March 2011 Reviewed by Stephen on June 13.

Very good Very pleased with the service

Accident June 2008 Reviewed by Karl on June 11.

Very good Everything was explained when I didn't understand something. Dealt with very well.

Accident April 2007 Reviewed by Matthew on June 8.

First Class The case was executed in a prompt and very professional manner. The settlement was far in excess of what was expected. A first class job. Will recommend you to family, friends and anybody else who knows me. Well done John!

Accident October 2010 Reviewed by George on June 7.

Clare was brilliant Straight talking, always available and very patient

Accident April 2011 Reviewed by Gary on May 23.

Good Would recommend should anyone else be in need of a solicitor specialising in RTA's.

Accident April 2009 Reviewed by Ian on May 20.

Helpful and professional Very helpful. Jo Readman especially good as was Andrew Dalton.

Accident September 2008 Reviewed by Charles on May 21.

Professional, helpful, 1st class, approachable Thank you. I always felt that my questions were taken seriously and when I contacted Rhiannon she always got back to me.

Accident April 2007 Reviewed by Stephanie on May 17.

Brilliant Kept us well informed and friendly. No problems using you again

Accident September 2010 Reviewed by Timothy on May 16.

First class & excellent A first class service and all matters dealt with promptly and efficiently. Communication was excellent and I would be very happy to use you again.

Accident October 2011 Reviewed by Philip on May 16.

Very professional which never lost the caring touch With great sensitivity and compassion. Always taking time to listen and explain what is happening

Accident April 2010 Reviewed by Kathryn on May 11.


Accident October 2010 Reviewed by Darren on May 11.

Professional and efficient I thought my case was dealt with in a very compassionate and personal manner. Andrew's approach was understanding, comforting and reassuring at what has been a devestating time of my life.

Accident May 2010 Reviewed by Mark on May 10.

Good Overall I'm fairly happy

Accident July 2011 Reviewed by Timothy on May 9.

Excellent client service

Accident July 2011 Reviewed by Neil on May 9.

Second to none! You guys are one of, if not, the best! My case was dealt with promptly and sufficiently you guys are very friendly and helpful! I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again!

Accident July 2009 Reviewed by Theo on May 9.

Dealt with quickly and confidently Mr Dey achieved the best result possible given the circumstances. Happy to recommend him and your business to anyone.

Accident October 2011 Reviewed by Ian on May 3.

Professional, Courteous, even a personal touch Everything was done that could have been done, every effort was given 110% and I feel I now have two new friends.

Accident June 2009 Reviewed by Leslie on May 3.

From the word go... Andrew understood exactly how the accident took place and battled through.

Accident January 2010 Reviewed by Daniel on May 3.

You have been fantastic Totally professional but also in a manner that built trust, respect, confidence that I mattered.

Accident September 2010 Reviewed by Alistair on May 5.

Excellent, methodical, no time wasting Having used WD twice before I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else - as I told my insurers when they attempted to force their choice upon me. Very effortless, John Lloyd-Richards made the necessary calls when the other party was messing about. I have been pleased by the speed with which this has been dealt with. Maybe I am an "old hand" at this now, what with my past tarmac related experiences.

Accident March 2011 Reviewed by Yana on Apr 26.

Very good I've used a few solicitors over the years but you guys are 1 of the best!

Accident August 2010 Reviewed by Theo on Apr 25.

Outstandingly efficient Case was dealt with confidently, reliably, efficiently and swiftly. Used a local solicitor after an accident in 1985. Compared to White Dalton they were pre-historic!

Accident August 2009 Reviewed by David on Apr 25.

Excellent! Dealt with extremely well - very informative - very fast responses both by post and phone - always answered all my questions and felt very "looked after" by Martyn. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for looking after me throughout this case! I'm really delighted with the result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services. Best wishes.

Accident September 2011 Reviewed by Zoe on Apr 24.

I have and will continue to recommend you My claim was dealt with effectively, swiftly and professionally. Having Martyn as a single, knowledgeable point of contact via phone or email ensured prompt & accurate responses to my queries.

Accident March 2010 Reviewed by Christopher on Apr 20.

Excellent - efficient and of an understanding nature Dealt with very efficiently and clearly - first time I've ever needed solicitors and I managed to pick a professional team who understand bikers needs. I would like to thank Rhiannon and everyone else at White Dalton who have been involved in my claim.

Accident April 2010 Reviewed by Mark on Apr 17.

Excellent service form Martyn Dey My last solicitor was s***, I am so glad I changed to White Dalton. My case was dealt with very professional, I have been paid out more than what I was expecting. Thank you so much Martyn Dey, you did a brilliant job and I promise, if I am unlucky enough to be involved in another accident, I will ring you.

Accident October 2010 Reviewed by Denis on Apr 17.

Fantastic, professional, personal service Everyone I had the pleasure of speaking to was always polite, well-informed and courteous. I felt like I could trust Rhiannon implicitly - she was fighting my corner every step of the way! Thank you just doesn't seem enough for all your help and support.

Accident 2007 Reviewed by Sandra on Apr 18.

Excellent and professional You are very professional, from start to end very professional

Accident 2011 Reviewed by Herzel on Apr 13.

Service was brilliant

Accident 2009 Reviewed by Ellie on Apr 6.

Very quick White Dalton were brilliant

Accident 2010 Reviewed by Jonathan on Apr 3.

"Dealt with very well" MT 2 April 2012

"5 Stars" RT 4 April 2012

"Very good service" DR 3 April 2012

"Brilliant! I will be recommending you to all my fellow bikers, should they ever need you. John was excellent as a solicitor. Thanks so much for the amount that was secured for me. I am very happy." NR 22-03-2012

"Excellent! I really could not fault the service that I received." BT

"Andrew, Many thanks for a sterling job." PR

"Dealt with perfectly" TS

"I thank you for your time and fantastic guidance since we first met in 2008. I could not of asked for a more trusted service or lawyer" SS

"I received excellent service at all times. Dealt with very efficiently indeed!" JB

"Professional, reassuring. First time i've needed a solicitor, insurance company firm useless. Very pleased I swapped. Would recommend to friends." BB

"My case was dealt in a very professional efficient manner with good communication, help and assistance in all aspects. I felt my claim was being treated as a claim and not just another one in the list to do." DW

"Case dealt with very well. Thank you both Joanne and Andrew for all you did for me" TB

"Very detailed, great communication, prompt" WH

"Excellent. You guys were very professional and you spoke in normal English, not lawyer speak. Very good overall. Andrew was excellent in court, unlike the showboating childish other barrister." GM

"Dealt with promptly and efficiently" ME

"Could not fault your efforts, work ethic + information/advice. Upfront from the beginnnig & that's all anyone can ask for" MB

"My case was dealt with in an exemplary manner. Efficient, swift and very professional. Clare was a joy to liaise with I would not hesitate to recommend her." GB

"Excellent. Regular communication and updates will highly recommend WD and Martyn to everyone I know. Dealt with complete understanding and empathy to the accident and injuries sustained. Thanks for all your help Martyn." RM

"Very professional and helpful. Thank you to both Rhiannon and Martyn for their help." FS

"Exemplary - would recommend the service to anyone requiring legal assistance. I could not fault your service in any way whatsoever and believe that no change would be of benefit to what is a first class service. I was very pleased with the service I received, from the initial telephone conversation, the allocation of a legal representative and the continious updates throughout the case, and a satisfactory end result. Thank You!" AB

"Very professional & well informed." NC

"Overall very good" AB

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for handling my case, I honestly believe I would not have had the same outcome if I had not made the move to White Dalton" DF

"Friendly and informative. Many thanks for assistance." LD

"Dealt with extremely well. Fortunately this was the first time I had an accident. To try and process the matter without your advice would have been a nightmare" JW

"Excellent. Completely satisfied with your service and would be pleased to recommend you to others." RB

"Friendly, detailed and professional, from inception to completion I felt totally relaxed with proceedings and cannot praise White Dalton solicitors enough" MR

"I feel that my claim was dealt with very well and would not hesitate to recommend you to family, friends etc. I am extremely happy with the way the case was dealt with and the final outcome. I think your service was excellent especially as my case was taken over from another company mid-claim" KM

"Exceptional. John Lloyd-Richards was a pleasure to deal with due to his professionalism and exceptional service" RW

"Dealt with efficiently. Many thanks" PW

"I am very satisfied. Thank you" PJ

"I believe that you have been extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable throughout this case. Having a full understanding of my type of case. Thank you" SM

"1st rate, professional, timely, good advice and communication." SJ

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