White Dalton Reviews 2017

Are you thinking of using White Dalton for your motorcycle accident compensation claim?

We believe the most important information is what our past clients think of us, along with their experience of other solicitors where possible.

We always ask our clients for reviews and are happy to share this information. Here are some of the many reviews about White Dalton that our clients have made.

No complaints

Dealt promptly. Thanks

Reviewed by Adam on January 9.

Dealt with efficiently and correctly

Very appreciative of the service received

Reviewed by Jamie on December 30.

Always very professional

Courteous and friendly. Knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents. Very pleased I chose your firm to deal with the case and always felt I was speaking to a friend when talking to Gavin Grewal. Would recommend you to anyone. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you!

Reviewed by Andy on December 29.

Very professional

Easy to work with, very satisfied

Reviewed by Christian on December 25.

Efficient, concise and professional

[Dealt with] logically, smoothly without ambiguity

Reviewed by Kevin on December 20.

Professional, communicative and efficient

I felt it was very professional and efficient. The lawyer kept me informed every step of the way with very little to no issues at all

Reviewed by Paul on December 18.

I have no complaints

From start to finish it was handled very well.

Reviewed by Michael on December 15.


Always used White Dalton. Could not ask for better

Reviewed by Matthew on December 11.


Prompt & professional

Reviewed by Galea on December 6.


Good as is.

Reviewed by Andrew on November 30.

First Class

Always professional, engendered trust. Excellent with good outcome. No complaints.

Reviewed by Andy on November 20.


[Dealt with] very well

Reviewed by Simon on November 17.

Efficient & Clear

[Dealt with] professionally, promptly, efficiently and clearly. I always believed Gavin (my solicitor) was working for my best interests.

Reviewed by Peter on November 17.


Andrew was the consummate professional, very efficient & informative.

Reviewed by Simon on November 11.

Professional, courteous and informative

The case followed the procedures I would have expected. Frustratingly slow sometimes waiting for responses from the other solicitors

Reviewed by Noel on November 11.


I really like how you guys communicated in normal language and not 'lawyer speak'!

Reviewed by Brett on October 31.

Dealt with professionally

Your specialist knowledge, attention to detail & sound advice is, in my experience, without equal. My case was dealt with professionally with both integrity & correct level of customer care, all issues being relayed in laymans terms guiding me through legal procedures.

Reviewed by Tim on October 10.


Sympathetic, supportive & professional

Reviewed by Steven on October 9.

Very professional & excellent advice

Excellent. I cannot fault the service I received

Reviewed by Leo on September 26.

Realistic advice & expectations

Despite having a couple of previous accidents this is the first time I have used a proper solicitor & the difference in service & knowledge is vast.

Reviewed by Nick on September 26.


[Dealt with] well, thank you

Reviewed by Jessica on September 21.

First class

[Dealt with] very efficiently

Reviewed by Eric on September 18.

Very good

Reviewed by Daniel on September 12.

A pleasure to work with

Compared to the two solicitors I used for this case White Dalton are certainly professional, honest & push for the best outcome for their clients. What would I change? That your visiting solicitor takes his stomping great motocross boots off before he walks across my carpet! ;) My case was dealt with extremely professionally & very smoothly. Andrew & his team are a pleasure to work with.

Reviewed by Denise on August 25.

Thank you!

A very friendly and patient service from a knowledgeable solicitor. I hope I never need your services in future, but will not hesitate to call or recommend you to them if they need advice.

Reviewed by Janna on August 02.

Very professional

Clearly explained, helpful. I am very happy with the way the case was dealt with, thank you

Reviewed by Ian on July 28.


Always prompt, polite & good comms

Reviewed by Desmond on July 24.


[Dealt with] very well. Have also recommended White Dalton to a friend.

Reviewed by Robert on July 24.

First class professional service

Clear and concise explanations, realistic advice, reassuring support.

Reviewed by John on July 24.

Very professional service

Great service. I have used you before and would use again

Reviewed by Steven on July 17.


Kept well informed and the service was very professional. Excellent. A special thank you to all of White Dalton & Martyn Dey

Reviewed by Nathan on July 14.

Focused, Timely

[Dealt with] promptly, timely, with accuracy

Reviewed by Marc on June 22.

Highly professional service

Highly professional service, with great integrity: approachable, responsive and not at all aloof. Andrew Dalton very clearly understood the trajectory my claim would take and dealt with it entirely appropriately and to my great satisfaction. Overall highly delighted with the service and the outcome, the latter being down to Andrew's skill and experience. Could have not hoped, or dreamt for better

Reviewed by Peter on June 20.

Highly professional

Highly professional + informative throughout the whole term of my claim.

Reviewed by George on June 19.

Very helpful & professional

Polite service and also carried out in a timely manner. Being motorcyclists yourselves you understand the problems we encounter with other road users on a daily basis. And yes I do also drive a car!

Reviewed by Trevor on June 13.

Could not be faulted

The service provided could not be faulted. It was better than I expected. You were far superior, much more professional and worth every penny. Everyone who was involved was fantastic. They all done their job professionally

Reviewed by Paul on June 4.

At every stage I was updated

I had every confidence in Martyn to get me the best possible settlement.

Reviewed by James on May 24.

Second to none

I believe the service you provide is second to none. My case was dealt with efficiently and sympathetically by highly professional staff.

Reviewed by Paul on May 20.

Fast, Efficient

Fast, efficient and clear instructions on required paperwork and signatures. I am completely satisfied with how my case was dealt with, I was kept up to date with the progress, given clear instructions and received more compensation than I had expected. Many thanks to all at White Dalton.

Reviewed by Trevor on April 29.

First Class, Exceptional

Was dealt with upto a very good standard, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

Reviewed by Liam on April 25.

Very Professional

Always glad to recommend to others

Reviewed by Adrian on April 7.

Swift resolution

If stayed with original people would still be wating

Reviewed by Melanie on March 25.

First class

Very professional and with speed

Reviewed by Graham on March 25.

Never had such a professional service

I have to admit that you guys know what to do and you do your job with professionalism. Well done. I can 100% recommend you to others.

Reviewed by Ilir on March 22.

Very well

Very well informed and any queries dealt with quickly and straight forward

Reviewed by Margaret on March 22.

Very good

The case was transferred from a very poor solicitor (allocated by my insurer) and I was happy to change to White Dalton who supported me well.

Reviewed by Gavin on March 21.

First Rate

[Dealt with] very well

Reviewed by Matthew on March 21.


Brilliant. Thank you

Reviewed by Beverley on March 20.


Informed, prompt service

Reviewed by John on March 21.


Professional, clear information given to me at all times. Gavin explained things clearly when I was unsure

Reviewed by Martin on February 24.

Efficient and professional

Very impressed by the thorough investigation and report.

Reviewed by Alan on February 21.

Efficient and professional

Very impressed by the thorough investigation and report.

Reviewed by Alan on February 21.

Thank you

A professional & excellent service was given by Dalton & White at all times. Thank you all staff at White & Dalton who dealt with our case & a special thank you to Andrew Dalton.

Reviewed by Kimberley on February 21.

I consider myself very lucky

I really do appreciate the effort you have put into my case, the professionalism and the integrity with which it has been conducted. I consider myself very lucky (yet again) in having found you 'out there' from all the other possible firms. And of course this has led to an outcome for me from which I am still in shock at its massively favourable scale and impact! Thank you.

Reviewed by Peter on February 19.

Friendly & Professional

[Dealt with] Quickly, kept informed and hassle free. Again, thanks for your help.

Reviewed by Steven on February 07.

Very efficient & professional

Fast results! Always kept informed, always very friendly.

Reviewed by Graham on January 23.

Friendly & Professional

[Dealt with] promptly & efficiently with all queries sorted in good time, Satisfactory outcome.

Reviewed by Ian on January 21.

Excellent service

I have given your details to many other bikers. Thank you

Reviewed by Adrian on January 20.

A great high quality service

I was kept well informed and experienced little to no issues during my case. Without White Dalton I would have most likely received no compensation,. My case was dealt with professionally and with confidence. At no time did I feel out of touch with my case.

Reviewed by Jacob on January 18.

Excellent - Thank you

[Dealt with] Very satisfactorily indeed

Reviewed by Peter on January 12.

Very Good

Very well, the other side were awkward, but you know your stuff and got there

Reviewed by Michael on January 9.

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