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Are you thinking of using White Dalton for your motorcycle accident compensation claim?

We believe the most important information is what our past clients think of us, along with their experience of other solicitors where possible.

We always ask our clients for reviews and are happy to share this information. Here are some of the many reviews about White Dalton that our clients have made.

Thanks again

I am very very happy with the amazing work you and your team have done on my behalf. Brilliant result ! Thank you very much . Still cant quite believe the final amount. I so much appreciate all ur hard work.

Reviewed by Anonymous on January 8.

Thorough & Professional

I was very satisfied with how my case was dealt with

Reviewed by Andrew on December 23.

Excellent Service

Lots of advice and support. I had excellent feedback on how my case was being dealt with and am grateful for all the support and advice offered.

Reviewed by Claire on December 17.


[If you could change our service, what would it be?] - Better looking solicitors!

Reviewed by Peter on December 11.


Really good you made me feel comfortable and listened to what I said and acted on it

Reviewed by Anonymous on December 8.


Very satisfied

Reviewed by Travis on November 12.


Good communication and advise. Very pleased with Gavin's handling of the case. Kept well informed.

Reviewed by Gordon on November 12.

Gold Star!

Politely, promptly and very professional. You have made the worst 15 months of my life far less stressful knowing I could trust you to get a favourable result and closure so I could move on

Reviewed by Alison on October 23.

Dealt with very well

Quick, easy, glad I used motorcycle solicitor instead of a generic one. Dealt with very well, good communication and end result.

Reviewed by Matthew on October 14.

Previous solicitor gave in, Daltons did not!

Overall I was relieved more than anything else and eternally grateful to Andrew Dalton for never giving in. One thing I will say about Andrew is he only knows one direction and that's forward! Good man to have on your side.

Reviewed by Elliot on October 13.

Very good service throughout

Dealt with well and good communication.

Reviewed by Ewan on October 13.


Acted promptly, communicated clearly. Satisfied with the advice from White Dalton. Very pleased, but hope I don't need you again for obvious reasons.

Reviewed by Colin on October 13.


I felt my case was dealt with very well by Gavin Grewal. Overall I would recommend White Dalton to other motorcyclists.

Reviewed by Andrew on October 10.


Personal & Professional - Good.

Reviewed by Bill on October 09.

First Class Service

I have always been will informed of all areas of development in this case. A first class service from the whole team. All correspondence either by mail, email or phone was dealt with promptly.

Reviewed by Colleen on October 10.


100% stars for Andrew. Thank you

Reviewed by Corina on September 24.


Overall I am very pleased with the way my case was dealt with. Everything progressed as expected (and suggested by yourselves) with no drama whatsoever.

Reviewed by Alex on September 19.

Very good

Dealt with the case well and achieved a good result due to some clever negotiating at the end of the case

Reviewed by Shaun on September 17.


Utterly professional, kept advised from start to finish. Consistently went the extra mile. It is no surprise they have won countless awards. I feel blessed to have found White Dalton when in my depths of despair, having been hounded non stop by amateur ambulance chasers. A Five star service.

Reviewed by Henry on September 16.



Reviewed by Richard on September 1.


[Dealt with] excellent

Reviewed by Dawn on August 7.

Friendly and personal service

Thank you for a great, friendly and personal service. I am very pleased with the way that Jo Readman handled my case and would recommend your company to friends and family, many thanks

Reviewed by Adrian on August 4.


Cannot fault White Dalton from Andrew getting them to admit liability within 3 weeks of taking over case to Gavin for pursuing and getting a fantastic result.

Reviewed by Paul on July 29.


Efficient & reliable

Reviewed by Anonymous on July 15.

Very good

Thank you very much, without you I'd been stuffed

Reviewed by Stephen on July 14.


The initial investigation & liability case was especially well done.

Reviewed by Anonymous on July 14.


Very impressed, you guys are by far the best

Reviewed by James on July 10.

Totally committed

Totally committed to the case notwithstanding all the obstacles put up by the other side

Reviewed by Anonymous on July 8.

Very High Standard

Confident that a professional was looking at my case rather than an administrative clerk

Reviewed by Mark on July 1.

Efficient & Professional

Dealt with in a friendly, professional and reassuring way.

Reviewed by Craig on July 1.


Dealt with amazingly, I felt like I was in control and my decision's were all agreed with. Would recommend to everyone.

Reviewed by Gemma on June 25.


Dealt with professionally, with bike case specific knowledge

Reviewed by Paul on June 24.

Positive, Good

Very pro, and good, prompt. Thanx

Reviewed by David on June 23.

Excellent & hassle-free

I was kept well informed at every stage. Extremely professional service

Reviewed by Zihao on June 23.

Very good

Dealt with very well

Reviewed by Gary on June 10.


Dealt with very competently and when alerted to problems promptly followed up.

Reviewed by Robert on June 6.

Professional, fair, conscientious, superb

In a word, exemplary

Reviewed by Anon on June 5.

Very helpful, reassuring and informative

Felt I was looked after very well.

Reviewed by James on May 28.

I could not have been looked after better than I was.

Reviewed by Olive on May 28.

Very Good

Dealt with competently and satisfactory.

Reviewed by Nigel on May 15.


All good in the end, thank you.

Reviewed by James on May 15.


White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors provided me with an excellent service.

Reviewed by Paul on May 7.


Excellent. After changing solicitors in Feb 2012 my case went from strength to strength - I cannot fault in any way.

Reviewed by Adrian on April 29.


Only praise for Gavin, kept me informed all the way

Reviewed by Steven on April 17.


Dealt with competently with friendly, knowledgeable help from a fellow biker - thanks Gavin.

Reviewed by Timothy on April 10.


Dealt with extremely efficiently. First class service. (Hope I don't have to use you again!)

Reviewed by Clive on April 9.


An excellent, efficient and professional service.

Reviewed by Robert on April 9.


Second to none. Andrew Dalton is a credit to WD. He never sugar coated anything, always explained everything in plain English. Very professional and excellent service. Would recommend WD to anyone. Thank you Andrew.

Reviewed by Michaela on April 9.

Excellent, Professional

Dealt with very efficiently, no fuss.

Reviewed by Peter on April 2.


I was impressed on the professional approach & communication timing was very good. Throughout the period of time with the initial solicitors, I was forced to choose them through instructions from the Insurance company. Fortunately you were able to see the case differently through your expertise in knowing the law and responsibilities of Highways Authorities also dealing professionally with motorcycle injuries and claims of that nature!

Reviewed by Philip on March 25.

Couldn't fault it

Of the utmost professionalism and clearly with my interests at the centre of concern. The clear expertise available was hugely reassuring. I had total confidence in the handling of my claim. Advise was clear and guidance friendly. Very highly recommended.

Reviewed by Mark on March 25.


Concise + efficient.

Reviewed by Andrew on March 21.


Excellent, I was always treated with respect and dignity. Thanks.

Reviewed by Stuart on March 6.

Professional & Friendly

Most helpful people at the darkest point of my life. Best help anyone could ever ask for.

Reviewed by Max on March 3.


Personal service with good communication. Case was conducted in a professional and efficient manner and I was kept fully informed on progress.

Reviewed by John on February 28.


Gavin was great, kept very informed, never felt like a number, always knew details about my case whenever I called for info.

Reviewed by Colin on February 28.

Impeccable, professional, friendly

Faultless, I can't complain about anything. Nothing but praise. To put it bluntly, the service provided has shown how inept the previous solicitors were.

Reviewed by Ethan on February 26.

Very Impressed

Very impressed how professional case was handled. Thank you for your help.

Reviewed by Andrius on February 13.

Simply Superb

Handled professionally and promptly. I am entirely satisfied with the excellent service received and the outcome achieved on my behalf.

Reviewed by Nicholas on February 10.


[Dealt with] in an understanding, informed and professional manner but retaining a human touch.

Reviewed by Paul on February 10.

Above and beyond

You went above and beyond what I expected, and I will always be grateful for that. I'm looking forward to a far more pleasant and less stressful future, thanks in part to the work of yourself and your colleagues.

Reviewed by Mr A on January 29.

I wouldn't use anyone else!

Very prompt, kept up-to-date, overall great service

Reviewed by Mandy on January 29.

Courteous & friendly

Prompt & first class. With thanks and the right result.

Reviewed by Alan on January 28.


[Dealt with] excellently.

Reviewed by Garth on January 28.

Honest, professional and transparent

Much more professional, my previous solicitor did not keep me adequately informed and were not helpful when explaining outcomes.

Reviewed by Mr B on January 23.


Very prompt and efficient

Reviewed by Paula on January 15.

First Class

First class throughout, excellent. Prompt & very clear communication from Martyn Dey from start to finish.

Reviewed by Vivien on January 14.

Thank you

I'd personally like to thank you and your staff for the efforts in achieving closure of the case and the human touch given (including your humour) which has been very important during the many dark days and made us laugh on a good few occasions. The personal touch makes your company stand out from the crowd and the passion clearly shines through.

Reviewed by Keith on January 8.

Excellent service

From first contact to completion my case has been dealt with superbly - no messing about answering irrelevant questions - well informed at all stages an excellent result.

Reviewed by Harry on January 8.

Very good

Always quick to reply to my questions, White Dalton did a good job.

Reviewed by Thomas on January 7.


Questions were clearly addressed. Satisfied with Mr Prendergast's representation.

Reviewed by Mark on January 6.

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