Testimonials 2009

We believe the most important information is what our past clients think of us, along with their experience of other solicitors where possible.

We always ask our clients for feedback and are happy to share this information. Here are some of the many comments our clients have made about our service to them.

May I take this opportunity to say how delighted I am not only with the outcome of the case but equally importantly for me, with the way in which you and your company have dealt with me.

I came to your company after feeling very let down by the solicitors I was using at the time. I did not feel that they had my best interests at heart. It was very much a case of believing that they did not have the time nor inclination to "fight my corner" and were simply taking the case because it came with my insurance. Their attitude made me feel as if I was being penalised for simply being a "biker" and I often wondered if they were on my side or the other party's!

From the moment that I contacted your team I have felt that this was being taken very seriously and all my options and possible outcomes were very clearly explained to me. I was also left in no doubt that you and your team would make every effort possible to get the best deal on the table for me and did not see me as a second class citizen simply because I prefer to use a motorcycle rather than a car.

You have had a great professional approach to myself and the case and have also been brilliant at making sure I did my part with very useful phone calls asking where the heck was the paperwork I should have filled in!

I will continue to sing your praises to any and everyone I meet whom I think might need your help.

YDS 2009

"Thanks for all your hard work over the past few years; I’m hoping I won’t need to use you again!! But god forbid I will not hesitate to call." G

"Helpful and easily accessible advice. Guided myself through process and gave help when I needed it. dealt with my case and was sensitive to how I felt throughout. Helped me to understand the case and procedures and always answered any questions. I have no complaints with the service provided" TS 2009

"Very professional + efficient with excellent communication." CK 2009

"Professional. I think it was dealt with very well and always kept informed on progress" KB 2009

"Excellent could not recommend them highly enough. Like a breath of fresh air, straight to the point." SW 2009

"First class brilliant service. I was very happy. Many thanks Mr Andrew Prendergast for all your help" CK 2009

"Very efficient. Many thanks to Andrew Prendergast who kept me informed throughout. I highly recommend your company" DP 2009

"Professional, prompt, efficient, informative, extremely helful. Mr Prendergast was very helpful and explained things thoroughly and clearly both in writing and over the telephone. I would definately recommend White Dalton to everyone. Thank you very much for all of your help and time takenon my case much appreciated." JH 2009

", you have acted totally professionally with and for me, I would not hesitate to recommend you personally (and there are precious few I can say that about), so a genuine thank you from me!"

"Efficient, prompt - keeping me updated constantly. I felt your service more personal, given good sound advise." JO 2009

"Excellent. You were thorough, prompt, informative, friendly, helpful and above all had my interests at heart. I've very much enjoyed dealing with WD. I think the case has been dealt with very professionally and I've told all my biker friends about you" SR 2009

"Very efficient, Professional and friendly. I am very happy with the way my case was dealt with." NS 2009

"Extremely knowledgable service throughout in order to conclude more than sufficiently. White Dalton was 100% better than my previous solicitors. I am glad to have made the change over. The knowledge, care and overall experience in my injuries/case made the case to be dealt with very efficiently. Has made me feel regret for having the previous solicitors deal with my case." NB 2009

"Excellent, brilliant, efficient. Kept well informed. Would recommend your services to anyone" SA 2009

"Excellent. Head and shoulders above the rest. A fantastic service, if other law firms behaved with the conduct that David and White Dalton do, then maybe solicitors wouldn't have a bad rep, once again, fabulous service from David and yourselves" MB 2009

"So much more efficient (than my previous solicitors). Had supreme confidence in " AD 2009

"Was very pleased with the outcome and would like to thank you for your assistance" WD 2009

"Efficient, better by far, communication was excellent" GB 2009

"I would like to thank you for friendly and efficient way you have handled my case and brought it to a satisfactory conclusion" MA 2009

"Excellent (was dealt with) professionally" RW 2009

"Fantastic, everything Andrew Dalton said he was going to do was done promptly, fantastic!!! The great thing is you are dealing with people who know about bikes!" PA 2009

"1st Class! You understand bikers. Jo was first class, always friendly, helpful and kept me informed at all times" DN 2009

"Friendly, professional and personal." JB 2009

"Very good, took on my case when my own insurance would not. David was keeping me updated with any progress, was realistic with time scales and dealt with set backs with a professional manner. I would recommend your services and David is a true credit to White Dalton" BB 2009

"Friendly and exuding great competence. Efficient, confident, realistic. I'm so pleased to have found your firm. , and your firm collectively, have acted in the most professional manner throughout and I will heartily recommend your firm to anyone who should be unfortunate enough to need your services." SH 2009

"Excellent, very efficient" JM 2009

"I always felt great confidence in how my case was managed. I always felt that the White Dalton team really had my back. From answering my, and my wifes questions (often repeated) to visiting the site of the accident. Even after I had accepted an offer to settle, Andrew Dalton still managed to improve it, so special thanks to him!" NE 2009

"Very professional. I was very happy with the service so wouldn't change it. Excellent." HS 2009

"Andrew has displayed a good, sound knowledge of the law he practices throughout. His good telephone manner and people skills, paired with a good sense of humour make him a valuable asset + credit to the White Dalton Name" JW 2009

"Andrew really cares about his clients" CN 2009

"Clear, concise, supportive. I was kept informed of progress throughout. Advice and assistance was readily available as required" LW 2009

"As I am unused to dealing with legal matters I found the whole process initially daunting, however Rhiannons' friendly, calm, relaxed, matter of fact manner soon allayed any fears. A high level of professionalism was conducted throughout and on very few occasions only was I not able to speak to Rhiannon personally which is refreshing in this day when automated services are more the norm. Many thanks to all the team involved." RL 2009

"Excellent service, friendly and approachable" MD 2009

"Service was 100%" SH 2009

"Great communication very friendly down to earth nice solicitors not like some of 'em! Very helpful too" MP 2009

"I was kept informed at all times and there was always someone to give advice and overall I am completely satisfied with the way my case was dealy with" JW 2009

"Very friendly and professional. My case was dealt very professionally by Paul Henry. Everytime we spoke on the phone he made sure I understood everything clearly" MS 2009

"Efficient and courteous. Very professional" HP 2009

"Very good. More specialised and professional (than my previous solicitor)" RJ 2009

"Professional, prompt & friendly. By dealing with one person for the duration of the case, with the full details at their disposal, it made the whole process much easier for me." GH 2009

"Very good service, I feel I had full trust in White Dalton + everyone I dealt with. My case was dealt with very well from start to finish. I was very happy with + White Dalton" GR 2009

"Always professional. Dealt with very well, no complaints - thank you"

"100% fantastic. Individual and caring. 100% better (than our previous solicitor) very efficient and business like dealt with in a very professional manner unlike previous (solicitor).

Extremely efficient form both and Catherine. A fantastic service dealt with in a very sympathetic manner and very efficient. Paul always available and very approachable. We were very pleased with the attention + time spent on this case and the prompt settlement." AM 2009

"Excellent and very efficient" AP 2009

"Overall very happy and dealt with in a very professional manner" BO 2009

"Highly professional, pragmatic + dedicated. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your kind help over the last two years in which a variety of what seemed insurmountable obstacles were negotiated successfully under your direction. It is I believe fair to say that without your perseverance and commitment to the case that I may have thrown the towel in some time ago, and therefore a large part of the credit for a very successful conclusion is yours.

I have been able to continue with a busy work schedule without any undue or unnecessary disturbance, secure in the knowledge that experienced professionals have been acting on my behalf. Your assessments have always been honest and frank and that has made dealing with you all the more hassle free.

I have to now express the hope that I do not need your help again, but will not hesitate to direct any fellow bikers in a similar predicament to your good selves. Thanks again for an outstanding result in the circumstances." MC 2009

"I am very impressed with the way you have handled this claim and will definitely be recommending your services in the future." ZR 2009

"Thank you for your help and support. Very good" SW 2009

"Five Star!!" JW 2009

"I can not fault the way David dealt with the case. Hopefully I wont have another accident but if I do I will definately come back to White Dalton" DW 2009

"Absolutely excellent. I have had great confidence in the lawyer dealing with my case. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to for the very professional way in which she has handled it throughout its duration. My confidence in her has grown and grown as the case progressed after she has repeatedly demonstrated a thorough and proactive approach in all her dealings with each side involved in the case" CM 2009

"My case was dealt with professionalism, efficiency, but most importantly a compassion that only a fellow biker could comprehend" LH 2009

"Excellent. Very prompt settlement, couldn't ask for more" DH 2009

"White Dalton are professionals they know what they are doing, my case was handled with care understanding my needs, and done the best for me and my claim a massive thanks to who is 'Simply the best'" TY 2009

"Excellent, friendly and very professional. Very professional and sensetive to the nature of the case" CF 2009

"Efficiently but with compassion and understanding" JH 2009

"Excellent throughout the process. Very pleased with - very helpful and professional. I am pleased with the overall outcome" PT 2009

"Exceptional - frequent updates, realistic projections. Timely efficiently, friendly and professionally. I did not think I would have had a case until I spoke to yourselves. I received the full amount to repairmy bike and additional expenses I incurred" RP 2009

"The service was really good, David was always keeping me informed with what was happening with my claim. I felt my case was dealt with really well. David has done a great job. And many thanks to White Dalton Solicitors" AD 2009

"Excellent.Please stay as you are, br yourselves. Dealt with clarity and truth" RM 2009

"First class and very helpful. First Rate" PD 2009

"Excellent clearly explained with realistic expectations. Very impressed with end result" ZR 2009

"Very efficient and staff were very helpful" NC 2009

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