Testimonials 2007

We believe the most important information is what our past clients think of us, along with their experience of other solicitors where possible.

We always ask our clients for feedback and are happy to share this information. Here are some of the many comments our clients have made about our service to them.

"I would like to thank you for what you've done for my case, I'm very happy with the result" NW

"Excellent, top quality and professional" CM Nottingham 2007

"My solicitor was on the ball. I was kept informed of every development and given good advice" NB West Mids 2007

"Excellent, Absolutely superb" MM Oxfordshire 2007

"Superb, Couldn't have been any better" JM Derby 2007

"My case was dealt with amazingly" ZY Plymouth 2007

"Excellent" GR Holywell 2007

"1st Class with all aspects of claim. Friendly service, very understanding. keep up the good work (thank you)" JP Sunderland 2007

"Was dealt with very efficiently and with kindness, understanding and support" JF Wiltshire 2007

"You have provided an excellent service. Well done Wayne and thank you. I would recommend you to anyone who find themselves in a similar position. I was kept informed all along the way" GH Hampshire 2007

"Excellent service, I was kept well informed at all times. I was always kept aware of what was happening and given good advice. A big thank you to you all especially Rhiannon" SB Lancashire 2007

"Brilliant, I would not change the service. Perfect" NM Kent 2007

"A couple of years ago I suffered a fairly serious accident whilst out on a motorbike. To make matters worse the bike I was riding happened to be my Dads' pride and joy - an 18 month old Honda Fireblade!

I immediately remembered reading about a bike specialist solicitors in 'Fastbikes' magazine and gave you guys a ring. From the first phone call to the last I had complete confidence in the professionalism of your service. The solicitor assigned to my case, Wayne Weir, always used down to earth language, was very prompt and always kept me in the picture with regards to the progress of the case. He showed a lot of understanding and even spoke directly to my father so that he felt in the loop, and in doing so kept him off my back!

I received payment for the bike very quickly after the accident even though the driver initially claimed it was my fault for riding too quickly... the blind bast+@d!

Thanks for all your help. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone unfortunate enough to need your services.

KR Cheshire 2007

"With excellence, I was always kept up-to-date and everything was explained in detail as necessary and my options were clearly laid out" RB Chester 2007

"Straight and honest advice" PC Sussex 2007

"At first I was put off by the length of time it would take to resolve but I was very pleased with the level of service and always felt informed and up-to-date" CC Surrey 2007

"Service was perfect" CS Kettering 2007

"A1, I could not fault the professional way in which my case was dealt with at all stages. I fail to see how it could have been dealt with any better. I hope I shall not require your services again but should the unthinkable happen I would be straight back on to yourselves. I have also passed on this firm's number to my friends with the firm assurance they will not find a more professional firm to represent them if required." MC Oxon 2007

"Professional and effective" CO Sussex 2007

"Excellent, 1st Class" BT Wales 2007

"Excellent" JC Portsmouth 2007

"The service was fantastic." RK Nottinghamshire 2007

"Without doubt a 100% improvement. The solicitor my insurance company designated for me wanted to settle 50/50." JP Doncaster 2007

"Very well, Paul went, in my opinion, above and beyond to obtain a settlement I never thought was possible." NO West Mids 2007

"Great service, excellent communication, only a phone call away. Thanks for a great service." GT Essex 2007

"Paul was always friendly and informative. I always felt confident Paul was pushing and working on my behalf" MB Wakefield 2007

"Friendly, competent and very specialized. Very professional with proficiency and a good helping of geniality" GK Yorkshire 2007

"Professionally quick and everybody very friendly and understanding" CS Somerset 2007

"Excellent, prompt and friendly" LT Wales 2007

"I think my case was dealt with excellently. Wayne has been professional and prompt in all aspects. He has treated me as a person and not a case and has helped me throughout. I am extremely pleased with everything" SB Crewe 2007

"Excellent 10/10. A fantastic solicitor, kept me informed at all times. Overall service I am very happy and would 100% come back to you if I needed to in the future (hopefully not though)" GB Birmingham 2007

"Understanding, helpful, first class! I felt very confident that my case was in good hands." MB Cornwall 2007

"Brilliant! v. efficient and great communication! Many thanks to Campbell and Catherine!" SW London 2007

"I would describe the service as extremely professional and sensitive. The service was excellent. Dealt with patience, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Great professionalism." EM Beds 2007

"Very good, all of your solicitors are very knowledgeable. Thanks again Wayne." JG Cambridgeshire 2007

"An injury claim is a very personal and emotional thing. There is a lot of up's and down's, it has to be dealt with in the right way. Sara has been spot on in dealing with this claim, and I would like to thank her very much." GS Staffs 2007

"Very pleased with the outcome. Thank you." MM Wiltshire 2007

"My Son's case was dealt with brilliantly, very quickly and I was very impressed with the fact that the solicitors are bike riders themselves which I'm sure really makes a difference. Thank you all very much." DD Dorset 2007

"I would like to say thank you to Andrew who sorted my case out for me and helped me understand everything that was going on. If I had any problems I could always get in touch." TB Wellingborough 2007

"Very friendly and professional, I was informed at all stages of the process. I am very happy how my case was dealt with" AH Essex 2007

"Excellent overall, and if I should need the service again I would be grateful of my solicitors help again as I feel she is an asset to your company with her knowledge of previous cases and the cash awards that they have brought" LR Birmingham 2007

"Very good, my solicitor was very informative and understanding and did everything that was asked of him. Overall, very pleased!" PH Lancs 2007

"Overall I was very happy with the service I got from you, very good advice and a good outcome, thank you" SZ Suffolk 2007

"There is no comparison, with your understanding of motorcycles and motorcycle riding there is an instant sympathy which is reassuring. I felt that my case was dealt with superbly and will not use anyone else. I had a White Dalton freephone card in my wallet on the day of my accident! I couldn't possibly be happier. FIRST CLASS" DJ West Mids 2007

"Sara did a fantastic job from day one. Always professional and friendly and no trouble at all regarding any questions at any time." FR London 2007

"I would not like to see any changes in the way you operate and I like your dedication to a vulnerable minority of road users. If I needed solicitors for an incident in my car, I would want White Dalton to represent me." MB Cheshire 2007

"With regard to the service you and your firm have provided, I consider it to be second to none. You have personally attended to my case with care and understanding as though we have been firm friends, I have really appreciated your help over the years." KL Stockport 2007

"Very professional, with complete confidence in my lawyer by me at all times" MW Hull 2007

"I would like to thank Catherine for all her help when she took over my case from another firm. A breath of fresh air to find a team that know what they are at!! Very professional & not being treated as a number on a file makes a lot of difference, this team really do make you feel that they care. Nice to have you on my side" PS Luton 2007

"Superb! Thank you" MB Hertfordshire 2007

"Wayne was polite, informative, knew what he was talking about. A credit to White Dalton (give him a pat on the back!)" JA Staffordshire 2007

"Very efficiently, friendly service. Couldn't ask for more. Valid advice and guidance" AT Bedfordshire 2007

"Of the highest standard! Friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I have absolute confidence in Wayne!" PB Petersfield 2007

"Excellent - Good communication, prompt service. I have been very happy with your service and would recommend you to others" SJ Bristol 2007

"First class, Superb!!" SP Royston 2007

"Very good, very helpful" SF Essex 2007

"I approached White Dalton in desperation for a second opinion after the legal team assigned by my insurers declined to deal with the case in spite of the available evidence. White Dalton were appreciably sympathetic and prompt in dealing with the case." DW Yorkshire 2007

"I had every confidence in my solicitor and if I was ever in this situation again I would use him again. I could find no fault in the service provided." AS Leicester 2007

"The case was handled superbly, we were kept informed, what and what not to expect, Everything was handled brilliantly!! Thank you very much guys!!!" KR Dorset 2007

"Fantastic. Chris is a credit to White Dalton and would recommend White Dalton to anybody. Hopefully we wont have to use you again but if any other accidents happen White Dalton have our custom." MW Leicester 2007

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