Compared to Others

If you have previously used another solicitor, how do we compare to them?

"No contest"

Much better than ******. I had no confidence in their abilities

"There is no comparison, brilliant"

"There simply is no comparison. The original solicitor appointed by my insurer was just going through the motions. White Dalton forced issues and made things happen."

"Much better, they used a clerk to screen my case with no expert knowledge. Martyn demonstrated excellent knowledge from initial enquiry."

"I was initially directed to ********* Law by my insurance company but it soon became apparent they appeared to lack a degree of knowledge. I approached White Dalton & never looked back."

"Head and shoulders above"

"You guys are a lot more professional. previous solicitor kept talking about "seat belts". Not impressed with them - so happy we found you"

"Case was originally handled by *** ***. Thank god I changed to White Dalton!"

"Blow their socks off"

"Wish I had found you sooner"

"So much better! There are no competitors"

"No comparison!! My previous solicitor was an incompetent amateur in comparison to you"

"Worlds apart. On a different level of competency"

"White Dalton compare most favourably to other services we may have used in the past"

"Other solicitors who had previously dealt with our case didn't seem to care" KP

"No comparison" LW

"Previous solicitor gave me the distinct impression he was prepared to settle at the earliest opportunity regardless of my case" IC

"So much better, the other solicitors massively under evaluated my case" NR 22-03-2012

"Far out man" PR

"Complete opposite to previous solicitor. (White Dalton) returned calls and called to update with information. Put clients interests first" DW

"A far superior service in every way" GB

"I have only used a solicitor once previously in an injury claim, and to be honest the service received was not anywhere as good as White Dalton" AB

"Much better" AB

"Insurance appointed solicitors were amateur in comparison to White Dalton" NC

"White Dalton definitely sound more enthusiastic when on the phone installing confidence in the client" MR

"Compared to the company who originally handled my claim, you were 100% better" KM

"Uncomparably better. ***** **** solicitors should not be fit to represent anyone going on your level of service" RW

"I had to pass this case over to White Dalton due to other solicitors not having any understanding of motorcycle collisions" SM

"My previous solicitors were ****** solicitors and in contrast you guys are by a metric mile much better in every way. Thank you." MF

"Better. I liked the rather more personal approach, the fact that things can be quickly and efficiently dealt with by phone, prior to written confirmation" PH

"Much better, wish I had used you from the start" MB

"I did use another solicitors in the past and I wasn't happy. White Dalton offers much better service. My case was dealt with promptly and I was informed about the progress." DZ

"There is no comparison! As Tina Turner would put it 'You're simply the best, better than all the rest'" CH

"White Dalton had a far greater understanding of the case" DE

"I changed to White Dalton from another solicitor. It was the best move I made." SR

"I changed from (another firm of solicitors) who lost my file, did not keep me informed and who I felt had no interest in settling promptly. White Dalton were the total opposite, polite, professional and settled my case quickly. White Dalton are also friendly and understanding." MR

"I can say without any reservation that your firm has been excellent and very supportive" MM

"White Dalton was more efficient and proactive when gathering information. Timescales were much less compared to *other solicitors*" DS

"The solicitor that I used was allocated to me by the insurance company. After many months, which then turned into more than a year I felt disenchanted, confused and ill-informed about my own case. I firmly believe that I was given confusing and in some instances conflicting information and advice.

Andrew Prendergast at White Dalton was able to quickly come up to speed on the case and offered my constructive and viable advice, with appropriate options and risks which enabled me to make informed decisions before instructing, poles apart from the level of professionalism and so called `expertise' I received from the last organisation." NF

"Much better all round - better informed, much better communication (and more frequent) much easier to contact and generally more effective and efficient" JD

"Infinitely better" TR

"I dont believe you can compare. They never returned my calls, no communication. White Dalton far exceeds their service" GT

"Much better than (other firm), more helpful, understanding and informative" PR

"You are head and shoulders above a colleagues people, and about 8 times faster than my conveyancing crowd" RL

"Prompt and was kept up-to-date with proceedings" SH

"Brilliant. They (previous solicitors) were rubbish!!" CS

"White Dalton have been far better dealing with my claim" CH

"Is it possible to compare dross (other solicitor) with gold (White Dalton)? My previous solicitor; a more amateur, incompetent, only in it for the money, finger not on the pulse company would have been hard to find.

Thank god I found White Dalton. A truly professional, competent & excellent company." YDS 2010

"Incomparable. There is no comparison; White Dalton are professionals" DP

"10,000% Better" IN

"You are the best by far!" SH

"My previous solicitor bought my case from my insurance company - I spent a lot of time telling them what to do. White Dalton have listened to me from the outset and put my mind at rest over several matters. I went from an amateur company to a very professional outfit. There is no comparison." RM

"Other solicitors seem to only be interested in what they get paid however (with White Dalton) it was like my friend dealing with the case" SH

"Fortunately I was told about you before I went with my insurance companies recommended solicitors" MC

"Like comparing a Yamasaki YM-125 to a Yamaha R1 to be honest and thats being polite" AE

"Much better, more thorough" JD

"Excellent! Prompt response - could not get any reply when contacted previous solicitor" MT

"No comparison. My previous solicitors are unprofessional, untrustworthy, incompetent. They continually failed to progress my case and even with held MY OWN documents essential to my claim. I would never recommend them - well, maybe to someone I don't like."

"Communications were much clearer & detailed. Specialist knowledge regarding motorcycles second to none" GD

"Compared to the original solicitors who started the handling of my case, it was like a breath of fresh air. Interested, knowledgeable and communicative" SB

"You compare very well, last use of a solicitor for motorcycles was ****** Solicitors - they were bloody rubbish" PT

"That is like comparing a CZ with a RD400" RW

"100% improvement over insurance appointed solicitors" JW 2009

"100% better. Very efficient and business like, dealt with in a very professional manner unlike previous."AM 2009

"They wouldn't even be on the same scale compared to you!" JW 2009

"You have been the most direct firm I have ever dealt with" NH 2009

"I changed to White Dalton as Andrew seemed honest, fair, looked into the case in detail and visited the scene, patient with my demands. was knowledgeable with motorcycles." SW 2009

"100% improvement - more contact, clear advice, quicker processes and excellent knowledge" MW Staffs

"More knowledgable and you came across as being genuinely interested in my case" TH Dorset

"The service from White Dalton has been far superior" NL Lancs

"Significantly better" PH Berkshire

"A lot better then my other solicitors" JB Wales

"You kept me informed thorughout the case" JD Leeds

"Much better, far more informed and knowledgeable" AG Lancashire

"No comparisment White Dalton are in my opinion the only solicitors to use" TY Plymouth

"Much better. I felt much more confident and better infomed" DH Herts

"More professional and above all else took the time to listen and genuinely care about myself and my case" PT Lancs

"White Dalton are much better in all ways" MM London

"Much better all round" RK Watford

"Changed to White Dalton from my previous solicitor after receiving a very basic and patronising service. " Hertfordshire

"They do not compare with your superior service" CB Notts

"I could not find fault with anything. Very professional" MW Surrey

"Years ago, I had a motorcycle accident which wasn't my fault but the insurance company I was with referred their own solicitors to me. I think they only usually dealt with car claims and they were completely shite - the end result was that I got screwed" CKN - Kent

"Had no confidence in previous company but found White Dalton to be 100%" MA - Staffs

"Miles better, the others suck" JF - Somerset

"Out of 10, other solicitor -1, White Dalton +10" DB - Wexford

"White Dalton was far better than my previous solicitor" JA - Leeds

"White Dalton was so much better than my last solicitor" TD - Cheshire 

"Compared to my previous solicitors, a much more professional service" SB - Kent

"You comprehensively made the first lot of solicitors assigned to me look like complete clueless clowns" RW - Milton Keynes

"More professional and friendlier" AB Middlesex

"Much Better!" SC Sussex

"White Dalton were and are 110% better" JP Yorkshire

"Far superior" DW Burton-on-Trent

"My other solicitors were useless" MM Lancashire

"You worked for me. My previous solicitors, in my opinion, didn't" IJ Sheffield

"Previous solicitor 1/10, White Dalton 10/10" AF West Midlands

"White Dalton were exceptional - others were worse than useless" JC Wales

"Superior in every way" BK Kent

"Better in that I was kept informed as the case progressed" AY Sheffield

"White Dalton were outstanding" BM Essex

"Very, very much better" MH Wales

"3 times better" PW Somerset

"In a totally different league" JC

"White Dalton dealt with my case quickly, professionally, all legal aspects clearly explained at all stages, informed of state of play" WW

"White Dalton are immeasurably better" PR

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