Norfolk Motorcycle Solicitor

Norfolk Motorcycle Solicitor

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors is a firm of motorcycle accident lawyers that deal with motorcycle accidents nationwide and in {page_attr key=”extra1″} including the towns of {page_attr key=”extra2″}.

Norfolk Motorcycle Solicitor

  • approved by the Law Society and the BMF
  • no win, no fee
  • qualified solicitors and barristers
  • take over claims from other solicitors
  • total Motorcycle experience; we ride, we know
  • real trial experience at court
  • established specialists in Motorcycle accident claims
  • the best service totally dedicated to bikers
  • all our solicitors ride Motorcycles
  • contact us on 0800 783 6191

Our motorcycle solicitors will discuss with you the various legal choices available to you in preserving your rights and obtaining full compensation pertaining to your injuries and damage to your bike.

If you have recently suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident in {page_attr key=”extra1″}, talking with one of our motorcycle solicitors will become one of the most critical choices you can make.

Don’t take our word for it, read through the many testimonials we receive from our clients.

Client testimonials

“Extremely professional with constant updates and advice given on the case. Highly recommended and extremely pleased with the end result. Thank you.” JG

“Wayne was friendly, informative and diligent on my behalf. He also has an excellent sense of humour!” CS

“Excellent. I shall write to MCN and tell them so and recommend your firm when possible.” CS

“Very helpful and friendly at all times. I would like to thank Chris very much for all his help” LP

“From start to the end BRILLIANT! For me you are the best” SG

“Very efficient, formal but personal” ML

“I’m very pleased with the service and results and appreciate all the help Wayne and White Dalton gave me. Thank You” AL

More testimonals…

Call our {page_attr key=”extra1″} Motorcycle Accident Solicitor now for your no cost, confidential consultation with a skilled Motorcycle Accident Solicitor {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

What makes White Dalton different from other Motorcycle Solicitors?

All our Motorcycle Accident Solicitors are all bikers and ride, so we know of the ins and outs of motorcycling and have a very unique perspective where other solicitors may not have the real world experience to properly deal with a Motorcycle accident claim.

If you have had a Motorcycle accident in {page_attr key=”extra1″} call our Motorcycle Accident Solicitors now for your free, consultation with one of our Motorcycle Accident Lawyer {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

Don’t my Motorcycle insurers sort everything out?

Either your Motorcycle insurers or the insurers representing the motorist responsible will quite often use pressure tactics to make you use their own appointed solicitors. They will make it seem like you have no choice but to let their solicitors handle your Motorcycle accident claim.

This simply isn’t the case. You have a legal right to choose a Motorcycle accident solicitor. We are a totally indepenent and specialist firm of Motorcycle solicitors with years of experience in advising you on what is best for your Motorcycle claim and not what is best for the insurance companies.

Isn’t it easier just to use the insurer’s Motorcycle solicitors?

At first glance that may sound like the easiest option – just let them get on with your Motorcycle claim. More often than not your insurers solicitors are paying a referral fee for your Motorcycle claim, usually hundreds of pounds, to your insurance company.

This may mean that the firm of solicitors dealing with your claim may not have the necessary experience of Motorcycle accident claims to properly deal with your Motorcycle claim.

We often take over claims from other solicitors who have sometimes let unqualified people deal with a claim and are unable to provide a personal service as their caseload is too high. To ensure these solicitors get paid Motorcycle claims are sometimes rushed through – to the detriment of you, the client, and your compensation.

I already have solicitors, but want to change to you, can I do this?

We frequently take over Motorcycle accident claims from existing solicitors where motorcyclists feel that their current solicitor doesn’t have their best interest at heart or isn’t interested in obtaining the maximum and fair level of compensation for a Motorcycle accident. The process of transferring your claim from one solicitor to another is easy – call us today to discuss your options.

We will look at your case in detail, give you a proper valuation and do whatever it takes to get you fair and proper compensation for your Motorcycle accident – some firms of solicitors only want to push your case through as quickly as possible and at whatever cost to your compensation.

Call our {page_attr key=”extra1″} Motorcycle Accident Lawyer now for a free, private consultation with an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors is a firm of specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitors that deal with Motorcycle accidents nationwide and in {page_attr key=”extra1″} including the towns of {page_attr key=”extra2″}.

What should I do if I want to start a Motorcycle accident injury claim?

Contact us either on 0800 783 6191, email or we can call you at a time convenient for you. You will spend a couple of minutes with one of our admin team to obtain some basic details and then transferred to one of our Solicitors where they will discuss the events that led up to the accident and any damages to kit, bike and injuries to you. We do this free of any charge.

0800 783 6191 is the only number you need

Feedback from our clients

“I think that the service that you gave me was exceptional” MS

“Dealt with excellently, very happy with result.” TW

“Very much on the ball, very satisfied, professional and helpful” DC

“First class, friendly and professional” PM/p>

“I could not have asked for more. Mr Henry has been outstanding throughout” MC

“The case was dealt with very well, it was explained in detail (for a non-legal person)” SB

“Very happy with how the case was dealt with. No problems, I had every confidence with the lawyer dealing with my case.” SP

More testimonals…

We can advise on Motorcycle accidents that have occured in England and Wales as well as {page_attr key=”extra1″} and the following postcodes IP20, IP21, IP22, IP24, IP25, IP26, IP27, NR1, NR10, NR11, NR12, NR13, NR14, NR15, NR16, NR17, NR18, NR19, NR2, NR20, NR21, NR22, NR23, NR24, NR25, NR26, NR27, NR28, NR29, NR30, NR31, NR34, NR35, NR4, NR5, NR6, NR7, NR8, NR9, PE14, PE30, PE31, PE32, PE33, PE34, PE35, PE36, PE37, PE38.

We are a national firm of Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in the UK able to start your Motorcycle accident claim in {page_attr key=”extra1″} and the following areas {menu template=”seo-areas” template=”seo-areas” show_all=”1″ start_page=”areas-we-cover”}

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Gavin Grewal

After graduating from The University of Reading, Gavin completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Law and his Legal Practice Course at The College of Law, Guildford.

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Client Feedback

White Dalton have handled 1000's of motorcycle accident cases over the years. Here is some feedback from some of our recent clients...

Above and beyond

Very well, Paul went, in my opinion, above and beyond to obtain a settlement I never thought was possible.



[Dealt with] very well


Excellent. Dealt with efficiently

Excellent. Dealt with efficiently


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Our phone lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

We Ride, We Know...

White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors are Britain’s most specialist motorbike accident compensation claims solicitors, dealing with all legal aspects of motorcycle accident compensation claims.

Every one of our motorbike solicitors rides and we have total motorbike experience. We have years of experience in successfully gaining compensation for motorcyclists injured on the road.