Motorcycle Accident in Holland

Many British motorcyclists leave our crowded island to head for the open roads of Holland and the cities of Amsterdam, Edam, Hoorn, Heerhugowaard, Enkhuizen, Amstelveen, Alkmaar, Gouda, Rotterdam, The Hague. If you are unlucky enough to have an motorcycle accident in Holland or any European Union state, then White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors can bring a case for you, here in the British Courts.

The basic rules are straightforward. The other driver or motorcyclist’s insurers (provided they are based in the European Union) can be sued in the British Courts. The foreign law of damages applies.

Some insurers will deal with the case on the basis of British damages whilst other insurers will insist on dealing with them in local damages in Holland, which is their right.

A number of our clients have been extraordinarily surprised with the speed with which settlements occur, once they have changed Solicitors, simply because we, as Court room lawyers, are familiar with this area of law, are happy to commence Court proceedings and invite the Judge in to decide how the case will be run, rather than wait at the insurers’ convenience.

So if you had been injured in a motorcycle accident in Holland, we will advise you how to secure compensation, and where necessary, issue British Court proceedings. However, do not leave it for long. Some countries have very short periods of limitation (Spain is the shortest at 12 months)

We regularly take over cases from other Solicitors. The most common mistake we see from other Solicitors is the apparent unwillingness or inability to start British Court proceedings once negotiations have either slowed down, or the insurers are beginning to become awkward.

Unless your Solicitors are fully familiar with the Second Treaty of Rome, and the law relating to accidents in Holland, then you would be well advised to change them. The law is not particularly complicated.

If you have had a motorcycle accident in Holland including the cities of Amsterdam, Edam, Hoorn, Heerhugowaard, Enkhuizen, Amstelveen, Alkmaar, Gouda, Rotterdam, The Hague call us now on 0800 783 6191 for advice on taking your motorcycle accident claim forward.

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Motorcycle Accidents Statistics in Holland

European road accident statistics from 2010 show that in Holland there were 115 recorded fatal Motorcycle and moped accidents which accounts for 17.8% of all fatal road accidents in Holland.

Whilst much work has been done in reducing the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in Holland it still shows that proportionally motorcycles and mopeds make up a small percentage of the vehicles used on the road in Holland but account for a high amount of fatal road accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents in European Countries

The rules are simple. How they apply is not. For expert help call us on 0800 783 6191 anytime.

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