Hampshire Motorbike Accident Lawyers

White Dalton Motorbike Solicitors is a firm of Motorbike Accident Lawyers that deal with Motorcycle accidents nationwide and in {page_attr key=”extra1″} including the towns of {page_attr key=”extra2″}.

  • no win, no fee – you get 100% of your compensation
  • real trial experience at court
  • the best service totally dedicated to bikers
  • qualified solicitors and barristers
  • take over claims from other solicitors
  • approved by the Law Society and the BMF
  • established specialists in Motorbike accident claims
  • total Motorcycle experience; we ride, we know
  • all our solicitors ride Motorcycles
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Hampshire Motorbike Accident Lawyers

What should I do if I want to start a motorcycle accident injury claim?

Contact us either on 0800 783 6191, email or we can call you at a time convenient for you. You will spend a couple of minutes with one of our admin team to obtain some basic details and then transferred to one of our lawyers where they will discuss the events that led up to the accident and any damages to kit, bike and injuries to you. We do this free of any charge.

0800 783 6191 is the only number you need

Call our {page_attr key=”extra1″} Motorbike Accident Lawyers now for your no cost, confidential consultation with a skilled Motorbike Accident Lawyer {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

I already have solicitors, but want to change to you, can I do this?

We frequently take over Motorbike accident claims from existing solicitors where motorcyclists feel that their current solicitor doesn’t have their best interest at heart or isn’t interested in obtaining the maximum and fair level of compensation for a Motorcycle accident. The process of transferring your claim from one solicitor to another is easy – call us today to discuss your options.

If you transfer your case to White Dalton we will allocate a solicitor to you and they will stay with you throughout your case so you know who to talk to – other law firms may give you three or four different solicitors throughout your case.

We will look at your case in detail, give you a proper valuation and do whatever it takes to get you fair and proper compensation for your Motorbike accident – some firms of solicitors only want to push your case through as quickly as possible and at whatever cost to your compensation.

Don’t take our word for it, read through the many testimonials we receive from our clients.

What are some examples of motorcycle accident injury claims?

Although the circumstances aurrounding a motorcycle accident claim can vary widely, typical situations for these motorcycle claims include (but are not limited to):

  • Defective road surface e.g. potholes
  • Highway spills, e.g. diesel or gravel on the road
  • Accidents when filtering, overtaking or undertaking lines of traffic
  • Untraced or uninsured drivers
  • Other vehicles & drivers

Call our {page_attr key=”extra1″} Motorbike Accident Lawyers now for a free consultation with our experienced Motorbike Accident Lawyer {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

Feedback from our clients

“A blessing to your clientele. Great service and god bless Paul!” JW

“Excellent, will highly recommend to others. Excellent service and completely reversed the offer from the third party form 80/20 against to 80/20 in my favour.” DE

“Excellent, professional and good communication. Paul Henry has worked hard to obtain a reasonable settlement, unlike the previous solicitors” JB

“Very efficient and a high quality service. Totally professional throughout, felt my views were always taken into consideration. Sympathised with the complications of my injury” RI

More testimonals…

What makes White Dalton different from other motorbike lawyers?

All our Motorbike Accident Lawyers are all bikers and ride, so we know of the ins and outs of motorcycling and have a very unique perspective where other solicitors may not have the real world experience to properly deal with a Motorbike accident claim.

How much is my motorcycle accident injury case worth?

Compensation for motorcycle accident claims is generally based upon:

  • Compensation granted in motorcycle accidents similar to yours
  • Whether or not your injuries are curable
  • Whether your injury was caused by intentional harm or malice (as opposed to merely negligence)
  • The costs of any existing and ongoing treatments
  • The degree and type of the injury
  • Whether your injuries will affect your potential future earnings

Call our {page_attr key=”extra1″} Motorbike Accident Lawyers now on 0800 783 6191 for your no cost, private assessment with a fully qualified Motorbike Accident Lawyer {page_attr key=”extra1″}.

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