Q. Why are you giving away a brand new motorbike?

A. Because we want motorcyclists to know who we are and what we do - and a free motorbike is a great attention grabber.

Q. So what's in it for White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors?

A. We are such a specialist firm that we do not need to talk to anyone other than motorcyclists, so rather than pay for expensive advertising, it is actually cheaper for us to give away brand new motorbikes which attracts our client group.

Q. How long will the competition run for?

A. We plan to run the competition for the forseeable future

Q. If I win do I have to pay anything to claim the motorbike?

A. No. Even the number to call us on is freephone.

Q. What if I do not want the motorbike?

A. Sell it! Once you win it, it is yours to do with as you please. We deliberately do not register the motorbike so you can sell it as unregistered or you can register it for a new registration.

Q. So what's the catch?

A. You have to check the website weekly and collect the motorbike. You must also present the winning card or confirm pre-registered details before the number changes at 5:00pm every Friday.

Q. What is the best way of improving my chances of winning?

A. Check the website weekly - the number changes ever Friday and if you miss it you can't back-date the claim. All of our winners have been people who checked on a weekly basis and you could use our email alert system to help remind you. Don't forget that your card, whether it's multiple cards collected from various shows across the years or just the one, has every chance of being a winner as all our cards, no matter how old are still in the computerised system. Some people have pooled their cards and propose to share the motorbike - and the responsibility of the weekly check. Whatever you do the basic message is check every week!

Q. Has anyone actually won the motorbikes?

A. Yes! Click here for the previous winners

Q. Where are the rules?

A. Click here for the competition rules.

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