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Who is to Blame?

In collisions car drivers are generally at fault with the main cause of the accident being simply that the motorcyclist was not seen

Less specialist solicitors will often advise to accept greater responsibility than they should or even that there is no case at all

Accident Scenarios?

We are expert in arguments over responsibility, including difficult areas of speed, filtering and road surface defects

we regularly take over serious claims only to find the previous solicitors have seriously undervalued items of loss

Why use us

We will act on a no win, no fee basis, even if your case has been rejected by other solicitors

all White Dalton lawyers are motorcyclists, so they know the risks faced by motorcyclists on the road

The Penalty Point System

The Court can ban for almost any road traffic offence, but usually where there are minor offences committed you will be given penalty points instead. If you get 12 or more penalty points over a 3 year period you will be disqualified (a process known as 'totting')for a minimum period, usually of 6 months and longer if you have been banned before.

If I have got 12 points will I always be banned?

No, but you will need to show that you have exceptional mitigating circumstances for the Court to exercise its discretion and you cannot use the same mitigation twice. Where you were already over 12 points before the current offence it is almost inevitable that the Courts will ban you for a minimum of 6 but up to 12 months.

What if I am being prosecuted for multiple offences?

Where a number of offences were committed at the same time (boy, it was a bad day!) the Court will only endorse your licence for the most serious offence. However, you may find that distinct offences can be committed at or about the same time (e.g. going through a number of cameras on the same road) and the Court can accumulate points for offences committed on the same occasion. 

New Drivers

If you are within the first 2 years of first passing your driving test and you accumulate 6 or more penalty points the DVLA will automatically take your driving licence away. It is not a matter that the court has any discretion on. You will have to retake your test to get your licence back.

Motor Defence Solicitors

Criminal matters are not simple. Before accepting any offence or punishment we recommend you contact our sister organisation Motor Defence Solicitors on 0800 2800 912 or go to their website at to obtain more information.

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